Best Paying Jobs in Major Banks?

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What is Major Banks?

Major bank is simply any bank or trust company organized under the laws of united states of America that has an average monthly surplus and capital of not less than $100,000,000.

  Is Banking and Finance A Good Career Path?

Banking and finance is a very good career path as it plays one of the most needful and essential role in the world today.

Banking jobs offer’s a good ample opportunity for Career development, good job benefits and a high annual salary.

The chief financial officer of the banking field earns an average annual salary of $139,501.

  Best Paying Jobs In Major Banks 2022


  • Accounting Manager

The job of an accounting manager is to make sure financial reports are up to date.

Accounting Managers are held accountable for all financial reports. The average annual salary of an accounting manager is $75,216 .


  • Financial Analyst

The job of a financial analyst is to analyze for clients in the ccompany.

The look at financial data and advise potential customers.

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They could be security analyst, research analyst, equity analyst, Investment analyst and many more.

A financial analyst earns an average annual income of $83,660.


  • Branch Managers

A branch manager is in charge of overseeing the affairs of any branch managed.

A branch manager manages resources, provides customer support and increases branch revenue.

A branch manager earns an estimated annual salary of $60,958.


  • Tellers

A bank teller is in charge of handling cash for ccustomer.

They can also be called cashier or customer service representative.

A bank teller earns an approximate annual income of $53,778.


  • Credit Analyst

A credit analyst job is to collect an evaluate financial information on loan applicants such as monthly cash flow, services and expenditure, money history and many more.

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